"Music is an art to express oneself"


Ian Matt White also known as DJ Lil´Mo was born in a small town in germany, in 1984. At the age of 11 he started to play an instrument, which he learned for 3 years. In 2001 he started to develop a tight love for electronic music. Ian tried out various styles and found his ground with Minimal Techno. After getting used to the fundamentals of deejaying, he got hold of his first gigs as DJ Lil´Mo in regional clubs like "Altes Umspannwerk Frose", "ehem. Salzwerk Wilhelmshall" and "TIME X Club Magdeburg". 

In December 2007 he was visiting a friend, who has a small analogue music studio. Ian was favourably impressed how simple it could be to make such music. 
From this moment on he was infected by creating his own sound. After changing his artist's name from DJ Lil´Mo to Ian Matt White, he started to buy his first equipment to produce and perform electronic music. 

In the summer of 2009 he got hold of his first gig as a live performing artist at the “Varadero Beach Festival” in Eilsleben (Saxony-Anhalt).


Some of the artists, who influenced his musical style, are Ellen Allien, 
Marc Romboy, Paul Kalkbrenner, Kollektiv Turmstrasse, E-Late, and Ryan Clark.


Ian discribes his style as harmonic and emotive Minimal Techno.





“If Musicke be the food of Love, play on,”

- W. Shakespeare -


- ehem. Salzwerk Wilhelmshall 

- Time X Club Magdeburg 
- Kombo Klub Magdeburg 
- Altes Umspannwerk Frose 
- Varadero Beach Festival - Eilsleben 
- Klima Club Lounge Ilsenburg 
- Alte Papierfabrik Rodersdorf 
- Club Micro Wernigerode 
- Gerberhaus Halberstadt 
- Salut Halberstadt 
- MK3 Klein Wanzleben 
- Alte Pumpemfabrik Oschersleben 
- Alte Maschienenfabrik Oschersleben 
- No Limits Blankenburg 
- Joy Beat Club Rieder 
- Bernabeum Bernburg 
- Anbau Wormsdorf 
- Kulturhaus Wanzleben 
- Clubhaus Wernigerode 
- Kulturhaus Gröningen 




- Tectrex FM - www.tectrex.de 
- Cybrix Radio - www.cybrix.de 



- Ellen Allien 

- Paul Kalkbrenner

- Kollektiv Turmstrasse

- Oliver Koletzki

- Florian Meindl

- Sascha Funke 

- Booka Shade

- Monika Kruse

- Dominik Eulberg

- Marc Romboy

- Stephan Bodzin 

- E-Late

- Ryan Clark











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